ALIENATION by Milko Lazarov - First film

With Christos Stergioglou, Mariana Jikich,

Ovanes Torosyan, Iva Ognyanova

Bulgaria, World Premiere

Production: Bulgarian National Television

A sardonic fairy tale, primordial and contemporary. A middle-aged man crosses the border between Greece and Bulgaria, on the way to collect a child for an illegal adoption. Actually, the child is still in its mother´s womb, and is born shortly thereafter on a stormy night in the mountain hideout the man has painstakingly arranged. Can anything good come out of this ‘meeting between two solitudes´? Says the director: "For me it´s a meditation on a lost generation. For four years I put my first film together with no extra help: the script, the locations, the forest, a 16mm, no score, very little dialogue, sighs and an old song or two." Starring Christos Stergioglou, known for his impressive turn in Dogtooth, winner of Un Certain Regard in 2009.